Wednesday 20 January 2021


We made it! Phew..for a few weeks there it appeared Trumpy Dumpy would NEVER being unable to awaken from a terrible nightmare, filled with fear, sweat and a truly terrifying clown with an awful wig and horrible orange make-up - truly the stuff of horror!

Of course there are huge implications that will remain from his destructive "experiment" in office, with a real and pervasive risk of a violent schism in US society at the forefront of these dangerous elements unleashed over the last 4yrs. 

However, for now, we must take solace in the hopeful rebirth of a more forgiving, gentle and DECENT nation, with the inauguration of Biden - a representative for all the people of not only America but a representative of mostly moral individuals across the world, upholding the very elements of civilisation that have brought this species to where we are today.

Let us enjoy this moment, for the truly hard-work begins the second the relief evaporates.