Tuesday 13 January 2015

Civilisation "Clash" is like Bullfighting...

The atrocities of last week, combined with the widely discussed political and idealogical fall-out, have provided ample opportunity for historical analysis of what some are heralding as the "new civilisation clash".

Whether any flimsy sense of good (unlikely) may come of the brutal and totally unacceptable assault on Europe's misplaced notion of cultural integration, fusing disparate and economically varied backgrounds, one thing is for sure: if amidst a few hundred bulls, one stands in the middle waving a red flag not expecting at least one of those bulls (either out of ignorance, scheming manipulation, desperation inducing economic hardship) to eventually charge with all its impulsive might, they have not fully understood the basic element that no matter what the majority may say, do or imply, it unfortunately naturally occurs that there is always one over-sensitive and aggressively charged individual that will react.

The shock of all that has occurred in real-time media coverage of the last week will now take us on a path of inward analytical soul-searching, plenty of talk of "real integration" and well-intended attempts to separate the radicalised from the merely religious. I wish all those that find themselves in a position of influence and power to take an objective view of what has befallen a (once sleep-walking into disaster) nation. Recognise the need for concerted efforts to truly bring about a melting-pot of cultures, where all feel welcome. Open a dialogue that is not merely reactionary but addresses the very core of the issues that led to one of Paris's own rejecting the code of the European way of life, trembling an entire continental people into believing there is a war of civilisations on the horizon.

There is no such war looming if rational and interpretive minds prevail. Give people the ability to create their own paths to a decent lifestyle without forgetting they have different religious beliefs. Ensure those beliefs and lifestyles are part of the framework of what your very own culture invokes, yet be prepared for assimilation and growth, as your own past clearly indicates. Separate the need of the masses from the need of the one.

There will be repercussions throughout 2015..we shall do our best to follow here.