Tuesday 22 September 2020

Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine (CoronaVirus - The Return!)

"Vaccine Vaccine Vaccine. Simple. Elegant. Seemingly impossible to imagine at this difficult and frustrating moment in time".

...this was wayyyyy (seems it no?) back in May...has anything changed? Wellll...No. We now know a little more about the Virus but still have no easy solution to stopping it. We now have some more expertise on how to treat it, yet deaths continue to rise. We now know how to cease its exponential spread, yet you would think people galavanting around the streets of Central London simply do not care, or somehow have missed the realms of 24hr-News coverage advice. Oh, and we still have an idiot in the White House.

Many questions of culture, civilisation, simple understanding and intelligence come to mind when witnessing some of the truly incredulous stupidity to be found throughout patches of society..not only in London but across the most cosmopolitan and seemingly advanced urban areas in the world. Talk of deploying the military in certain countries to ensure citizens adhere to restrictions and advice is testament to the inability of sections of the population to follow literally the simplest instructions - wash your hands, wear your mask...I mean come on..how hard is it really?

Honestly..with what has been on display throughout the various cities and towns across Europe and the US, it comes as no surprise the hard work and "sacrifices" (really?) made during lockdown earlier this year have had f-all effect on dealing with the Coronavirus spread...and..wait a minute..no Asia is not included in this..why you ask?..well because they are somehow more caring and cognisant of their own fellow inhabitants and apparently find it easier to listen to and follow simple, common sense recommendations and directions. Sure, they have not defeated Coronavirus and it will likely remain an issue that must be dealt with for many months to come, yet they have successfully stifled the spread and are seemingly fully on top of any outbreaks. 

Some will yell and decry that the vast difference in population numbers between countries like France, Spain and the likes of Singapore/Taiwan make for unreasonable comparisons...well I'm sorry..stick in there Japan, South Korea and...lest we forget, China(!)..and you simple cannot sit there with a straight face and deny that there is a HUGE difference in how our culture here deals with caring about others and even handling their own self-awareness and shame..yep that's the word..shame. People ought to be ashamed at how they have handled themselves in the last few weeks - desperately attempting to return to a full life of non-stop drinking and partying..sitting around without a care in the world as they cough and sneeze their way around Pavilion Rd..and generally ignoring (or forgetting..who knows?) the simplest rules and mechanisms for ensuring the containment of this pesky virulent foe. Forget watching children being allowed by their parents to run around the elderly as they try to walk peacefully and away from the crowds in parks and quiet pavements, it's dangerous enough just trying to walk and not have to breathe in the heavy exhaust of (totally oblivious) sweaty runners!...Keep 2 metres apart..it is NOT that difficult!

Would also have to reflect on the younger demographics of the urban areas. Translating to a worrying disregard for the elderly and vulnerable that happen to also share the same streets and terraces..at times my blood has boiled at the blatant disregard for the simplest of hygiene procedures - honestly...it is no surprise whatsoever that the apparently more hygienic cultures and those more respectful of the "whole" rather than the "individual" are making a better go of this entire dire situation. In Tokyo everyone wears a mask, no questions asked. And that was 20years ago. They practically Dettol the entire city three times a day..on any given Sunday..not washing your hands after the toilet or before eating, is akin to slitting-a-cute-little-puppy's-throat in front of a group of 3yr olds...and here...? Sad. Just sad. We should all act less selfishly, less moronic, less shameful and basically...be more Japanese. 

6 months have passed since the last analysis of this situation, and the same conclusion (literally word for word) remains...

"We will only return to normal when a full Covid-19 vaccine has been developed, tested AND widely distributed. Until then, sit back, listen to some more Deepak Chopra abundance meditations, read, Zoom/Hangout/Teamssss or whatever your eyes go googgly on first and enjoy this quieter time of life."