Saturday 7 November 2020

Bi-Den Trump Dumpy

The President-Elect has been announced. Well done Joe Biden! Well done. and THANK GOD we will see the back of that "man" Trump - even more so his ridiculously inept and self-entitled family and surrounding cronies. So the USA has decided. Finally. Unless you are watching Fox News that is, where they are refusing to called President-Elect Biden the "President-Elect"!

Hope we have all learnt something these last 4yrs. No time to go through the list here now, not enough energy to type for that long after 4 days watching CNN/Sky News/BBC repeating themselves ad nauseam during the slow "every vote counts" count. We hopefully have learnt to be accurate in statements, truthful and that just because you say something doesn’t make it true. Just watch Trump’s pathetic conference from last night. The facts are there for all to see.

We will not accept false statements (we never should allow falsehoods anyway) and neither have a large electoral majority of the USA! Thank God!


Now is the right time to once again show love and enable integrity to prevail. Especially amidst the educated classes as yourselves. It is everyone's responsibility to be a leading light for the rest and never allow such an aberration of global leadership nor forget the importance and need of the ability to soothe and repair through dialogue and calm, with fair discourse, rather than obliterate and destroy by spewing lies and inaccurate statements filled with nothing but evil spite and evil convulsions intended to divide.

It is not about supporting one against the other, it is about attempting to ensure the facts are always prevalent and not lost in the sound and hatred that can engulf it when hijacked by dangerous ‘leaders’ like the ‘man’ that is desperately acting out as he faces defeat.

Good has almost prevailed. The immense sense of relief that people have felt at knowing these last 4yrs are coming to an end are proof enough.

We wait and watch with glad anticipation. The change many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived. Bring it on!